Supplement Health checks

30 minutes, $30

Are you currently taking more than just a multi vitamin?


Do you have unused vitamin supplements taking up shelf space?


Have you forgotten why you're taking a certain supplement or how much you need to take?

If any of the above apply to you, a 30 minute supplement health check might be exactly what you need in order to get back on track.

Get the most out of your supplements, and your hard-earned money, by gaining a better understanding of:

  • How much you need to take of a certain supplement to make a difference to a given health concern;

  • When you should take particular supplements to ensure they don't compete with each other for absorption into the body;

  • Whether your supplements might be interacting with your prescribed medications;

  • Whether there is any evidence for a supplement you're using and a given health concern.

Empower yourself by engaging a professional who understands how the body works, and how supplements work in the body, to review your current supplement regime and make recommendations for improvement.