Recipe: Pine-basil icy poles

Ever since investing in a Vitamix many moons ago, I have been a dedicated lover of smoothies. Green, red, orange, purple, not to mention my breakfast favourite: choc-banana-peanut butter with silken tofu - that one deserves it's own post, I promise.

But alas, one smoothie always sticks in my mind. I was busy packing to head away for a small break but I couldn't go without my morning smoothie. Because I was going away and wanted to use up all the fruit sitting around, it was sweeter than normal but I have never forgotten the blend: pineapple, orange, lemon, spinach, and the unexpected edition of basil absolutely knocked my socks off.

I love that smoothie but truth is, you don't always feel like a smoothie. Especially during summer - when pineapples are at their sweet and juicy peak and basil grows happily in the garden alongside the mint; when valencia oranges and limes are cheap and cheerful and, most importantly, it's HOT. Those are the times that you feel like an icy pole! So, my friends, an icy pole we shall have.

Icy poles

1/2 cup water

2 cups pineapple, skin removed and chopped into 1cm cubes

1/2 lime, skin removed

1/2 orange, skin removed

1 tbsp basil leaves (use more or less depending on your preference)

4 large mint leaves


Place all ingredients into the blender and whizz until smooth.

Transfer into icy pole moulds and pop into the freezer.

Makes approx. 6 icy poles depending on the size of the moulds.

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