Fundamentally, naturopathy is an holistic approach to health and wellness

that seeks to promote optimal health, assist in disease prevention, and treat

pre-existing disease by addressing causative factors.

Naturopathic treatment may employ the following:

  • Nutritional counselling and therapeutic use of food;

  • Personalised diet design;

  • Prescription of nutritional medicine;

  • Lifestyle adjustment;

  • Herbal medicine prescribing (both internal and topical);

  • Iridology;

  • Flower essences;

  • Mindfulness.

Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual, and treating each individual as a whole, for a happier, healthier life.

Nutritional group education

Got a group of friends that want to learn how to read nutrition labels? Or want to understand how to shop better at the supermarket? Get in touch to arrange a specially designed group education session with Laura.