Naturopathic Consultation

An initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes and will focus on building a comprehensive picture of an individuals’ health history, current diet and lifestyle practices, and may employ some traditional naturopathic diagnostic techniques.


The initial consultation will discuss patient concerns, goals and treatment preferences. Referral to other health practitioners may be discussed and provided depending on the individual patient.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to devise a detailed Wellness Plan for

the individual which includes treatment goals and expected timeframes. The Wellness Plan will be presented to, and discussed with the patient during the first follow-up appointment.

Further follow up appointments may last up to 45 minutes depending on the individual, and are used to measure treatment efficacy and patient progress. During this time, new symptom presentations are also discussed if relevant.

What should I bring?

– Recent blood test results;

– A list of any current medications or supplements (including dose and frequency
of use).