About Laura

Laura Gale

(BHSc. Naturopathy; BHSc. Nutrition, Health Promotion).

I have always believed in the supreme power of good nutrition, but following the completion of my first degree, I knew I didn’t want to spend my career writing diet plans.  I fundamentally believed that what we put into our bodies became the core of our overall health, but I also knew that there must be something more.

A passion for education and self-improvement led me back to university to broaden my horizons as a health professional.  I attended an open-evening at the Southern School of Natural Therapies and suddenly, everything made sense and I knew I had found the missing piece of

my puzzle.

I see naturopathy as a powerful, enlightening form of complementary medicine that can allow you to explore your health and find answers; to put your own puzzle pieces together.  Giving your body the best possible chance to heal and improve itself is incredibly empowering and that is what I’m driven by every day.

Careful analysis of your lifestyle, dietary practices, and health history are the keystones of my practice as a naturopath.  Primarily, I aim to coach towards positive lifestyle adjustment and my interventions may be supported by evidence-based nutritional and herbal medicine prescribing.  I also employ other modalities such as iridology, flower essence therapy, and mindfulness to ensure I am being as effective as possible when dealing with your most precious possession – your health.

I believe that you’re the commander of your own ship, and my role is
to provide the navigational tools to get you on the right course to
optimal health. 

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