"health through empowerment"

Laura is a Melbourne-based naturopath who delivers positive patient outcomes through education, empowerment, and highly-individualised health care plans. 


Laura believes that no two patients are the same in the same way that no two health pictures are the same and, as such, strives to identify the root cause, or factors driving illness, and treat accordingly.  Treatments are founded in naturopathic philosophy and paired with current scientific research.

Working with Laura is a team effort: you are the expert on your health and body and will be treated as such.  Part of every treatment is gaining a more comprehensive understanding of how your body works and why you may be facing the health challenges that you are.  Laura works to educate patients so that they may make positive change and lifestyle adjustment in pursuit of best possible health.

Laura is fully-qualified and registered with the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia and health fund rebates are available.  Contact your individual health fund provider for more details.

Naturopathic Consultation

Laura provides highly-individualised health care by combining traditional naturopathic values and philosophy with the most 
scientific research.

Writing and speaking

A proficient writer and confident speaker, Laura is available for group education sessions and freelance writing assignments. Please contact directly for more information.